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PLAZARIUM at the Economic Congress Germany-Russia. PLAZARIUM presented international projects in the field of plasma waste processing on the European market.


October 6 2016, the Economic Congress Germany-Russia 2016 was held in Berlin, Germany with the assistance of the Council of the Russian Economy. During the congress, PLAZARIUM presented its international projects in the field of plasma gasification of waste and fuel production using plasma pyrolysis technology.
At the round table organized with the assistance of the Council of the Russian Economy in Germany, the CEO of the main PLAZARIUM office in Germany presented mobile waste plasma gasification units, waste plasma pyrolysis units yielding synthetic oil and producing fuels (gasoline and diesel), PLAZARIUM TPS industrial plasma systems from 100 to 3500 kW and steam plasma torches from 30 to 350 kW manufactured by PLAZARIUM.
PLAZARIUM company took part in the Day of Russia in Germany at the HanseMesse exhibition center in the city of Rostock with international waste recycling projects on the European market.


May 25, 2016 in the exhibition center HanseMesse in Rostock, Russian Day in Germany was hold with the participation of Prime Minister of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. At the exhibition there were presented international projects of PLAZARIUM company in the field of plasma gasification of waste in Germany and EU.
Staff increase and new job opportunities for new production capacities in the development and production of PLAZARIUM plasma equipment (plasma units and plasma systems).


In the beginning of 2016, PLAZARIUM launched staff increase for its new production capacities. New job opportunities were posted involving work on the new technological operations for development and production of electronics for steam plasma torches and plasma systems, waste plasma gasification, plasma hydrocracking, plasma pyrolysis, plasma melting and hybrid plasma plant for producing fuel (petrol and diesel), as well as management of the new technological equipment necessary for the production of new innovative products.
Projects for the modernization of closed landfills and the processing of solid waste using the technology of plasma gasification and pyrolysis PLAZARIUM in the "Special Economic Zone" Dubna ".


May 19, 2016 in the "Special Economic Zone" Dubna a round table: "New Opportunities and Prospects" was hold, during which PLAZARIUM presented its innovative products and services in the field of plasma gasification and plasma pyrolysis for fuel production from MSW.