PLAZARIUM factory for plasma devices production

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Dear colleagues and friends!

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President & CEO
A. Tverskoy
We design arc generators of low temperature plasma (plasmatrons) using water vapour as a component of the plasma forming medium, for power, ecological and special high-temperature applications in the up-to-date industry throughout the world.

We produce industrial plasma systems, mobile plants for plasma gasification of waste and feedstock involving production of pure synthesis gas and further production of methanol or electric and heat energy, mobile plants for plasma cracking of fuel oil and heavy oil residues producing light oil fractions (gasoline and diesel oil), plants for plasma-aided melting of different types of inorganic feedstock; we offer service support for series products, their upgrading and execution of work orders; we supply spare parts and consumables in a prompt manner. When purchasing PLAZARIUM products, you get much more than just equipment or tools. You acquire some of the company’s experience and traditions.

Our customers include enterprises engaged in recycling and disposal of liquid, solid, dispersed and gaseous waste including hazardous chemical and medical waste. Enterprises processing different kinds of organic and inorganic feedstock. Enterprises generating electric and heat energy, those producing and consuming synthesis gas, hydrogen or methane. Oil extraction enterprises and oil refineries. Research institutes dealing with applied problems in the field of plasma physics and plasma-related processes as well as those in the field of waste processing and production of new materials. Enterprises which use and require high temperature heating sources for their production processes. PLAZARIUM is a customer-oriented company which is always available for a constructive dialogue to agree upon mutually acceptable conditions of supply, equipment maintenance and settlement payments.