In early August 2012, PLAZARIUM completed the design of a new factory and started the construction of a new facility in accordance with the approved design.
First, the site for the installation of the new highly technical CNC equipment was prepared and embedded in concrete.
The site provides for the installation of the latest highly technical CNC turning and milling equipment and CNC vertical milling machines, each with a maximum capacity of 5 tons.
New models of the PLAZARIUM equipment will now be produced on the most advanced equipment.

The second stage of installation provides for the mounting of the plasma cutting systems that operate on the PLAZARIUM proprietary equipment.

At the new facility the company will produce the most advanced plasma systems PLAZARIUM TPS equipped with steam plasmatrons for the waste gasification and mobile plants PLAZARIUM MGS for disposal of various hazardous, medical, chemical, and industrial waste, as well as waste of the livestock breeding complex. Plasma gasification plants PLAZARIUM MGS with total-degree destruction and production of pollution-free syngas (СО + Н2) are designed according to the latest company’s developments.