Within the framework of presenting the new waste plasma gasification technology and equipment, the PLAZARIUM representatives visited a waste disposal plant TRIDEL located in Switzerland.

Within the framework of the visit, the company proposed an alternative to the combustion method in the form of the waste plasma gasification with subsequent conversion of syngas into the thermal and electrical energy.

Composition of steam water plasma: steam water plasma consists of hydrogen and oxygen, and both components are active reagents in oxidation-reduction reactions.

Gasification in a steam environment allows the complete reforming of carbon and hydrogen of the gasifiable substance into the syngas. The presence of excess steam hydrogen allows adjusting the ratio of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the syngas.

In terms of quality, the syngas produced by plasma gasification is as good as the syngas produced by steam reforming of natural gas.

For more information about all benefits of the steam water plasma and steam plasmatrons see the relevant article on our website.