PLAZARIUM - production building
The main research, development and production cycle of plasma gasification plants, plasma cracking plants and industrial plasma systems at the international Swiss company PLAZARIUM is located in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Russian Federation.
The production process comprises the following:
Welding and frame painting shops:
Frames for plasma-aided waste gasification plants, plasma cracking plants and industrial plasma systems are manufactured at Russian facilities entirely. PLAZARIUM has two full-fledged shops for welding and painting of frames for 10/20/30/40 feet transportation containers.
Machining, painting and spraying shops:
Two workshops for lathe machining and milling, painting and plasma spraying with the most advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machines allow manufacturing all components and spear parts for plasma torches and industrial plasma systems.
Electronic engineering and design shop:
A unique workshop for engineering, designing and manufacturing of up-to-date power supply sources and control devices for arc, microwave and hybrid plasma torches with a power of up to 500 kW in a single plasmatron and up to 3500 kW of the total power in a single plasma system allow being at the top of the market and improving the manufactured products continuously.
New product specimen testing shop:
Four areas for performing trials and tests of new equipment specimens allow inspecting all new specimens quickly and efficiently before assembly and during factory tests of new manufactured products for plasma gasification and plasma cracking.
Plasma plant final assembly shops:
Two assembly shops allow carrying out final assembly of all units into industrial plasma systems, plasma cracking plants and plasma-aided waste gasification plants for further factory tests before shipment to end customers.
Design and Engineering Department:
The engineering department allows designing plasma gasification plants using the most advanced CAD systems with a comprehensive analysis and calculations of heat and strength parameters of new products.
Warehouse and Rigging Services:
In-house storage areas and rigging services in combination with manufacture workshops allow maintaining warehouse stocks of all parts and promptly supply consumables to loyal customers.
Conference and customer training area:
PLAZARIUM has several areas for negotiating with its customers and providing theoretical instruction at the manufacturer’s facilities for those purchasing industrial plasma systems, plasma cracking plants or plasma gasification plants.
The quality of the manufactured products is ensured by the manufacturing quality management system regulations.

Successfulness of business and managerial solutions at PLAZARIUM is based on benefiting from outsourcing high-tech production and other professional services, as well as in-house production, product testing, pre-sale preparation, product maintenance services and technical support offered to consumers by the in-house sales and technical center.

Owing to the well-considered organization of manufacture, PLAZARIUM products are unique and able to compete with and surpass their counterparts produced by the world’s best manufacturers.