PLAZARIUM is a research and production innovative company that implements a full cycle of the innovations commercialization, including the development, production, sale and service of highly technical products.

The company’s management is carried out in accordance with the latest global developments in the field of management and the best traditions of the domestic industry.

If you are interested in a challenging job that will reveal your talents and abilities - we are waiting for you.
Who We Hire:

There are general requirements for the future members of the PLAZARIUM team regardless of a job they put in for.
Welcome if you are high skilled, hardworking, self-disciplined, conversable, result-oriented, able to complete the work on time and solve tasks independently and creatively, ready to grow and accept the company’s values.
We strive to be the best employer in the Russian labor market, applying efforts to bring talented people to work in the company, who are able to fulfill their potential and ensure the long-term success of the company.

Criteria that underpin our approach to working with the staff:

Be the best – We strive to be a leader, and our recruitment strategy is based on the desire to attract really talented people - people who can make a significant contribution to the development of our company.
Encouragement of individuality– We want our employees to use their personal skills for finding new approaches to the solution of practical problems.
Career growth – We charge our employees with tasks that require their maximum commitment, and offer limitless career opportunities for those who achieve high results. PLAZARIUM encourages its employees to develop their potential to the maximum. We expect you to take responsibility for your own career, and for our part we will offer tools and programs that will help you with this.
Team spirit – We believe that the base of our success is an efficient work of the close-knit team. We strive to create an organizational culture promoting the exchange of experience at the international level, development of creative thinking and use of different approaches to solving tasks.
Remuneration – The amount of remuneration depends on the individual results of the employee’s performance and operation of the company as a whole. The wages are at a competitive market level.
Training – The scale of tasks faced by the company, business development and growth rate provide ample opportunities for further professional growth.
Social package – Creation of the most comfortable environment for each employee at any level of the hierarchy.
Probation periods – Attraction of the most talented and motivated graduates to work in the company. The probationers, who have shown their best, are offered a permanent job.
International career prospects – Our job is to find those employees, who are able to develop and contribute to the global development of the company.