Device for processing materials <br> with steam plasma  PLAZARIUM SP3

Device for processing materials
with steam plasma

PLAZARIUM SP3 is designed for the high-temperature local heating of the low-thickness material surfaces with a plasma jet during the heat treatment (plasma cutting, welding and brazing).

The plasma cutting and welding device consists of the electric current supply (power supply), plasma burner connected to the power supply with a flexible cable, and a set of spare parts and accessories.
Original technologies make the PLAZARIUM Company a leader in manufacturing the equipment for the steam and water microplasma welding and cutting.

The PLAZARIUM S-3 power unit meets the specific requirements of plasma cutting and welding.
Main advantages of the new current source design of the S-3 model:
  • Small size and light weight provides excellent portability.

  • Current-voltage characteristic provides the stability of the start-up process and operation in a wide range of operating parameters.

  • Advanced inverter architecture provides the constant current regardless of the mains voltage and distance from the burner to the work surface.

  • The innovative power supply circuit with a wide range of the supply mains operating voltage provides the protection from the problems with power delivery and offsets the input voltage fluctuations, providing the enhanced performance while using the low-voltage supply, motor-generator or unstable input power.
  • High operating reliability due to thermal sensors of the power unit.
  • The power supply provides the automatic adaptation to any input voltage in the range of 100 - 250 V for a single phase.

  • Plug adapters provide improved versatility for use both in the production area and at home or in the field conditions.
  • You can connect it to any AC power source - petrol and diesel power plants. (The generator capacity should be at least 3.5 kW)
  • You can connect it to the main of an ordinary car using a power inverter (power of 3.5 kW).
Programmable settings and remote access

You can adjust, configure and change more than 50 operating parameters of the power supply.
PLAZARIUM Т-3 Plasma Burner, crucial difference:
  • Welding technology combined with the design features of the burner allows the use of efficient and non-deficient operating fluids: water – for cutting, water-fuel mixtures – for welding and brazing.

  • The plasma burner provides excellent arc visibility, control and access to the hard-to-reach places.

  • Contact start-up technology minimizes the level of the high-frequency noise.

  • Ensures the high quality of cutting and welding of thin materials, while maintaining the full rate of cutting thick materials.

  • The plasma-forming system increases the cutting speed by 20% compared to conventional systems and extends the life of the nozzle and cathode at full capacity.

  • The number of parts is dramatically reduced. The studies show that the reduction in the number of parts directly leads to greater reliability.

  • You can cut any material and weld most of the metals.

  • Availability of the additional suspension for the burner and ability to install the burner in position on the stand

  • You can use it for the heat treatment of non-combustible materials with a plasma jet (temperature 100 to 10,000°C)
PLAZARIUM is constantly working on continuous improvement of the revolutionary technologies for microplasma processing of materials (cutting and welding) that provide unprecedented environmental cleanliness in the work area, acceptable service life and cutting or welding speed.