Steam plasma gasification is the most environmentally safe and advanced way to dispose waste products. Steam plasma consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Both components are active reagents in oxidation-reduction reactions, and at the same time the extremely high temperature of a plasma jet in a large volume of more than 5,000°C can destroy any organic and biological materials, fully destroy the most toxic poisons, smelt and evaporate the most high-melting inorganic compounds.
Contaminants Emission Concentration of Contaminants, mg/m³
Maximum Permissible Level (According to EU Norms) Steam Plasma Gasification, no more than
Dust 10 0,3
Sulfur Dioxide 50 1
Nitrogen Oxide 200 20
Carbon Oxide 50 2
Hydrogen Chloride 10 0,2
Hydrogen Fluoride 1 0,1
Total Carbon 10 0,6
Mercury 0,03 0,005
Cadmium/Thallium 0,5 0,001
Heavy Metals Sum 0,5 0,01
Dioxines/Furans 0,1·10-6 0,002·10-6