Plasma gasification and disposal units <br>for standard and hazardous waste PLAZARIUM MGS

Plasma gasification and disposal units
for standard and hazardous waste

Supply system of liquid chemicals
The power supply system of two 100kW steam plasma torches
The PLAZARIUM MGS mobile plasma units for waste destruction are intended for ecologically and energetically efficient recycling of carbon-containing wastes in the absence of free oxygen under the influence of extremely high temperatures in the plasma jet (~5000 °С), which ensures destruction of all the components contained in the wastes, with their full destruction into synthesis gas (mixture of carbon monoxide (СО) and hydrogen (Н2)).

The mobility of the waste destruction unit design provides for easy transportation, allows for installing the plant on a truck chassis, minimizes the volume of installation works on site, makes it possible to flexibly adjust the plant's operational parameters with minimum expenses on the plant’s adaptation to the particular enterprise’s conditions by the composition and volume of the wastes recycled.

The waste destruction unit, along with its mobility, also implies its modular construction, both in the entire manufacturing scheme and in individual elements. This allows for putting together different variants of the manufacturing scheme for the purpose of recycling of a wide range of organic and inorganic wastes on the same fundamental base, which is a 20/30/40-foot maritime transport container.
Plasma gasification reactor
The main advantages of the PLAZARIUM MGS plasma plant for waste destruction are:
  1. Its mobile and modular construction;
  2. Easy and safe installation and operation, no contact of the plant’s personnel with hazardous wastes;
  3. No stringent requirements to preliminary sorting, drying and preparation of the wastes;
  4. No ballast nitrogen and no formation of nitrogen dioxides (NO2) or nitrogen oxides (NOx);
  5. The simple and automated control system for the plant and for the waste destruction process;
  6. Possibility of open-air operation at a wide range of ambient temperatures (from - 60 ° С to + 50 °С) and at high humidity (the environmental parameters are determined by the requirements specification for development of the plasma gasification and waste destruction unit);
  7. Complete eco-friendliness of the waste destruction process with full destruction (99,99 %). No resins, dioxins and furans;
  8. Production of pure synthesis gas (СО + Н2) as it leaves the waste destruction unit;
  9. Possibility of operation directly at the point of collection and accumulation of waste;
  10. The maximum permissible emissions (MPE) comply with GOST SanPiN and the EU Directive standards.
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Solid and liquid wastes are supplied into the plasma gasification reactor through the leak-proof accumulation lock with possibility of waste supply speed and volume adjustment.
For toxic, chemical, bacteriological, and medical wastes, the supply is performed with completely leak-proof download through the system of additional vacuum locks, without opening the specialized container or package.
Unit for waste supply (entry) into the plasma gasification reactor
The reactor of the MGS plant for plasma-chemical steam gasification and destruction of waste allows for a completely automated mode of the gasification process. Simultaneous control of all the parameters of the thermal process in different points of the plasma reactor construction, along with adjustment of the industrial plasma torches power, makes it possible to achieve full destruction of the feedstock and production of high-quality synthesis gas. The existence of an additional plasma afterburning (plasma cracking) chamber and synthesis gas decay system guarantees full destruction of all hazardous toxic and poisonous chemical compounds, including resins, dioxins and furans. You can find more detailed information in the plasma reactors, gasifiers and afterburners section.
The control cabinet for equipment of syngas analysis
Plasma gasification plants are equipped with the most advanced gas analysis equipment sets intended for control of synthesis gas composition, concentration of hazardous substances and mass concentration of dust in the process gas downstream of the plasma-chemical steam reforming reactor, with a plasma afterburning and synthesis gas decay chamber, a synthesis gas treatment system, and an electric and heat energy production unit (optional).
The functions of a gas analysis equipment set:
  1. Taking and transporting samples from sampling points (downstream of the plasma gasification reactor, the plasma afterburning and decay chamber, the synthesis gas treatment systems and the electric and the heat energy production unit) into the gas analysis equipment cabinet located in the control room;
  2. Sample preparation (cooling, filtering, dehumidification, flow rate normalization);
  3. Measurement of concentrations of CO, CO2 , H2 , O2 , N 2 , NO2 , NO, CH4;
  4. Measurement of optical density of the gas-dust medium and calculation of the mass concentration of suspended particles (dust);
  5. Display of the measured concentrations and subsequent transfer of the information on the current values to the digital control system of the plasma gasification unit.
Calibration gas mixtures to adjust the readings
The power supply system for the plasma gasification unit
Steam generation system for plasma gasification unit
Power to the unit for plasma gasification and destruction of waste is supplied from the external electric power supply system (an industrial three-phase AC network with voltage of 380/400 V and frequency of 50/60 Hz). As an option, power to the plasma gasification unit can be supplied in the closed cycle from the electric and heat energy production unit.

The control room equipment includes a specialized kit for monitoring the indications of the grid electric energy quality and the supply grid outages, and a specialized uninterrupted power supply kit for all the main control systems.

In case if low-quality power supply or malfunctions in the external power grid are detected, the monitoring kit will be able to record the problem and to switch off all the equipment under load, and the uninterrupted power supply kit will be able to support the main control circuit in service, in case of power interruption or disconnection in the unit for plasma gasification and destruction of waste.
Plasma waste destruction units are equipped with devices and instruments allowing for adjustment of all the operating parameters for the processes of plasma gasification, cooling, purification, compression, storage and supply of synthesis gas, and also of heat and electric energy production, in the manual and automated mode.

The unit’s explosion and fire safety is ensured by observance of the rules and guidelines of the manual, existence of explosion-proof valves and automated nitrogen supply systems with possibility of manual control, constant monitoring of the composition of the synthesis gas produced, prevention of explosive environment formation, selection of explosion-proof versions of the constituent parts located directly in the potentially hazardous areas, and also selection of the constructional, sealing and thermal insulating materials used for manufacturing of the plant based on the conditions of their explosion- and fire-proof work in standard and emergency operation modes.
Control cabinet of system for purifying synthesis gas
Control cabinet of cooling system