Price Lists and Catalogs

Dear prospective customers and partners!

All public information is available on the site

We work with specific projects and specific customers.

Therefore, in order to have an effective dialogue, provide you with additional information, catalogs, and / or detailed offers, we need to get from you:

  1. Technical specification with a full understanding of your project and the required chemical and morphological composition of your waste or raw materials, as the final performance of the plasma unit, the material and energy balance of the process and plasma unit, as well as the price, respectively, are determined based on the chemical composition;
  2. Required input data for rapid calculations of industrial plasma units for various types of waste:

    1) for processing organic waste into syngas by plasma gasification process with subsequent generation of electricity, heat, or methanol;
    2) for processing inorganic waste and raw materials into vitrified glass material by plasma melting process;
    3) for recycling waste into fuel by plasma pyrolysis process (including upgrading to a hybrid plant);
    4) for processing liquid waste by plasma chemical hydrocracking process to produce fuel.
  3. A clear description of which company you represent in an official form and from an official business email.

Note: Unfortunately, we do not provide commercial information for anonymous requests and anonymous addresses like,, and similar, because we can't fully identify the client and can't understand their project. Please use your official business address to contact us and correspond with us.

Contact information for PLAZARIUM in your area with email and phone numbers can be found in the Contacts section on our website .