• Mobile units for plasma gasification
    and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Industrial plasma systems
    with steam plasma torches
  • Units for plasma pyrolysis
    and plasma fractionation

Mobile units for plasma gasification and
disposal of hazardous waste

The mobile units of hazardous waste plasma disposal PLAZARIUM MGS are designed for plasma gasification and disposal of hazardous waste with total-degree destruction and production of pollution-free syngas (СО + Н2).

(disposal of medical waste, biological waste, paint-and-varnish "liquid" waste, waste of water conditioning, wastewater treatment and water use, liquid waste of purification plants, coal gasification, refuse wood and domestic waste gasification).

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PLAZARIUM at the 28th international trade show for environmental equipment, technologies and services POLLUTEC 2018


9th International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies with its focus on circular carbon economy


Expansion of business relationship scope in the development of new plasma engineering and technologies, production, supplies of materials and high tech services, training of specialists is a recipe for success and business development. The phenomenon of plasma has been known for more than 100 years but its capabilities are still underutilized. Discover and apply in your practice the advantages of plasma technologies with respect to plasma gasification, plasma melting and plasma cracking with PLAZARIUM!


Any shortcoming can be corrected with the full restoration of the products’ functionality. We service and repair the units for plasma gasification, plasma hydrocracking and plasma systems throughout the whole period of their economically feasible operation. We ensure a rapid supply of spare parts and consumables for the equipment produced. With us, the use of plasma technologies will be a pleasure!

Technical Support

We will help you to get accustomed to the sphere which is new for you (if, for instance, plasma gasification, plasma melting or plasma hydrocracking is nor familiar to you) and gain an insight into the specificities of our products. We will explain and show you what is plasma gasification, melting and plasma cracking, how our steam plasma torches as parts of industrial plasma systems work and help to cope with breakdowns. With us, plasma technology is easy and straightforward!